We are experts in defending clients who have

been accused of a wide range of offences.  We

provide a full range of private defence services



  • Access to a highly experienced solicitor

throughout the duration of your case;

  • Case preparation;

  • Expert representation at court hearings;

  • Robust representation at every stage of the


  • Help in appeals against convictions,

sentences or confiscation orders.


We will also deal with investigations  brought by a variety of enforcement organisations including the Health & Safety Executive, the FSA, HMRC, Trading Standards and the OFT.


We understand how upsetting it is to be accused of a crime particularly if you have never been in trouble before.  We have expertise in defending all types of criminal cases including:


  • Road traffic offences;

  • Drink-driving;

  • Fraud;

  • Money laundering;

  • Murder and manslaughter;

  • Rape and all sexual offences;

  • Possession and supply of drugs;

  • Possession of knives and weapons;

  • Public order offences including affray, harassment and all racially aggravated offences;

  • Grievous Bodily Harm and all other assault cases;

  • Burglary;

  • Criminal damage;

  • Robbery; and

  • Shoplifting and all other theft-related offences.


Road Traffic Offences

Cases we can help with include:


  • Speeding;

  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving;

  • Driving without insurance;

  • Driving without a licence;

  • Careless driving;

  • Drink / Drug driving;

  • Dangerous driving;

  • Death by dangerous driving or careless driving;

  • Driving whilst disqualified;

  • Failing to stop / to report an accident / to identify a driver;

  • Fixed Penalty Notices; and

  • Application for early return of licence.


The criminal work at Hudson Morgan Williams is led by Jonathan Lynn who is a very experienced and tough criminal solicitor.  He holds the Higher Rights of Audience qualification and first started working in criminal defence more than 20 years ago. 


Please note we do not undertake publicly funded (legal aid) work.  For details of our charging arrangements please call on + 44 (0) 20 3102 7490.   In many cases a fixed fee can be agreed for the entirety of the case. 

Criminal Law